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Traits and Attributes[]

Rather than black and white rules like other generals, it's easier to understand that Bootleg Waifu takes a more meta application of concepts like a modifier of the base vanilla pony. Below you'll find a few of these popular 'modifiers' the thread has covered at least once.

  • Fused boots: Mix some ponies together and see what you get
  • Swapped boots: Flip something out of the ordinary
  • Deformed boots: Usually biological
  • Defective boots: Typically come from cheaper artificial robo pones for the budget spender

Uncommon roads traveled[]

  • Ordinary boots: Treated as entirely separate characters not knockoffs
  • Bio boots: Not the typical living bootlegs, these are Hassenfeld GMO pones that were made and gone wrong
  • Honorary boots: Fosters home for imaginary mares that fall outside of FiM, Market Mares and Not-Bootleg falls under here
  • Stranger boots: The fantastical, supernatural, unnatural, or alien fakes
  • Damaged boots: Focusing more heavily on the mentally broken, messed up or deranged.
  • Animated boots: Fakie stories and otherwise inanimate things like living toys

Settings and Locations[]

Unlike some other more rigid threads there is NO agreed lore for a setting or locations that people must use in /bootleg/, but there can be bleed-over or continuations within the same universe. Settings of the boot can take in Equestria, on Earth, or involve a Bootleg Equestria, in completely made up AUs or other thread universe branches.

Typically set on Earth, with bootlegs being a form of escapism for Anon or introducing the bootleg to Earth and finding happiness in small things. But Equestria is also perfectly acceptable as was done in the old days. Since the general became a thing more explorations have popped up with Parallel Universes or Crossing Dimensions playing a major part.